Schneider Bau

Three locations. One Aim.

Schneider Bau Heilbronn, Konrad Bau Lauda and Schneider Öhringen – we're constructing since 1903.

Expertise & Service

From finding integrated solutions to providing services pertaining to construction, versatility is one of our strengths – and not just because we are based at three different locations. Amongst ourselves we promote team spirit, know-how and knowledge sharing so that we may constantly improve what we do. Our customers feel competently and diligently advised. After all, it is a joy for us to fulfil your demands directly, quickly and simply. We grow with your expectations. And we love it when you recommend us.

Excerpt from our Vision 21 – Your Pioneers:

Our strength is flexibility. When circumstances demand it, we work around the clock. We are constantly getting better at what we do and expanding our areas of expertise through cooperation. We are a vibrant family which supports all of its members as they grow as individuals and hone their abilities. Our professional expertise is constantly on the cutting edge, our employees leaders in the field. We’re proud of our company. We offer secure positions and reward achievement accordingly.